Q.R.A. Is Quantum Reflex Analysis - Presented By The Psychology of Longevity

Quantum Reflex Analysis, proven tens of thousands of times.   The more educated you are, the more stunned you will be.

When used in tandem with Bodyscan2010 or SpectraVision, Quantum Reflex Analysis proves to be the most comprehensive clinical tool encountered or developed thus far. Dr. Cohen has exponentially advanced the work of Dr. Omura and Dr. Marshall. A hundred medical doctors with billions in equipment combined could not measure up to Q.R.A., because quantum reflex analysis is non-invasive and instantaneous. Proof is instantly obtained, sustained.

QRA?   Aces With The Psychology of Longevity

Of all the tools and resources shared within Q.R.A. is at the top of the list for correcting approximately all human disorders outside of death itself. Only three basics cause human health challenges: physical damage, chemical insult, both of which include foods and non-foods that are ingested, and electrical interference. When you injure the body in any way, the electrical field in that area is disturbed by congregating toxins. ALL healing, all scars, leave toxins behind. The only method shown and proven - let alone for thousands of years in a row - are mudpacks.

Now that you can use Q.R.A. to test which substances will best augment the work of the mudpack, targeted nutrition becomes infinitely more valuable than all the medical doctors of the world - even combined together. This is the first health-related technology to prove beneficial approximately one thousand of every one thousand tries.

Combining the world's oldest technologies with the newest, no less than eighty to ninety percent of all humans who encounter Q.R.A. are simply and undeniably astounded, because it works approximately 100% of the time.

Often mistaken for kinesiology or muscle testing (both of which can be more accurate than heavy-duty testing machines often rife with side effects), Q.R.A. moves beyond guessing and subjectivity in testing, particularly when used in conjuction with biofeedback therapy such as Bodyscan2010 or SpectraVision.

"Biofield" is the word you want to get comfortable with here. Your biofield, the electrical plasma that covers every millimeter of your body, determines even more than nutrition whether your glands, organs and tissue all and each work.

All human glands and organs and tissue harmonize by frequencies unique from one another yet delightfully synchronized. Each has an identifiable frequency, making it easy to distinguish from other glands and organs and tissue.

Quantum Reflex Analysis is a comprehensive clinical tool, only available through trained Q.R.A. practitioners. The most advanced Q.R.A. practitioners utilize techniques and technologies that systematically"peel the onion" as the client works through the"Steps to Great Health," focusing not only on the physical body but also on the innate healing abilities of the body. These steps are foundational in order to recover from chronic illness. And they are vital if you want to reach a higher level of health.

Q.R.A.- What Is Quantum Reflex Analysis?

Q.R.A. (Quantum Reflex Analysis), is a simple, safe, yet profound way of allowing the body to tell us what it needs to heal. It is the union of science-based kinesiological testing, time-proven ancient therapies, systematic analysis of the body's quantum biofield, and outstanding nutrition and detoxification breakthroughs of the 21st century. Q.R.A. provides a comprehensive system to initiate the most rapid resolution of even the most deep-seated, chronic conditions - simply not possible by any other methodology.

Q.R.A. is one of the main components of our practice because of its ability to access and analyze the body's Biofield. Developed by Dr. Bob Marshall, this form of assessment tests the energy levels within key organs, tissues and glands as well as the"communication" between the brain and the various body parts. It also can uncover a suppressed immune system, dental and nerve issues, and so much more. This method of kinesiology testing utilizes the body's meridians to quickly identify key imbalances and then pinpoints specific supplements needed to restore balance.

When you are in full health, all of the electrical frequencies of your tissues, organs and glands, though distinct and unique, blend beautifully when combined. When an area of your body gets weakened through disease (or a number of other ways), the energetic frequency of that area changes, and the strength and integrity of these areas can be measured.

Q.R.A. is based on empirical observations in quantum energy and the emerging field of quantum physics. Dr. Bob Marshall has had great success with seemingly serious conditions and he teaches this technique across the country to health practitioners. Dr. Cohen has completed the advanced criteria required to be one of the practitioners referred by Dr. Marshall's office. In addition to this training, Dr. Cohen is a repeat Platinum QRA practitioner. His speed and accuracy are unmatched by anyone, including the developer of quantum reflex analysis!

Quantum Reflex Analysis

More Quantum Reflex Analysis Hotlinks and Practitioners

beam.to/Quantum Reflex Analysis - Title says it best, so beam yourself over to this beam.to reflex page

What Quantum Reflex Analysis Is And What QRA Is Not

Q.R.A. is not a treatment. Quantum Reflex Analysis is your portable and quite absolute tool. It proves to be correct approximately every time, and in just a single second or two. That's it. Like everything wonderful in the world, quantum reflex analysis does come with proverbial"catches."   There are three so-called catches to Q.R.A.

1) You cannot test yourself, because you cannot pull your own B.D.O.R.T., the mega-billion-dollar value that Dr. Omura so munificently gave freely to the world, including you

2) The person doing the testing must have electrical coherence themselves. Thankfully, a simple vial of the diamagnetic and paramagnetic minerals in a QCI vial, held for half a minute on top of GV20, temporarily balances anyone, strengthening every organ, gland, and tissue for a good 15 to 20 minutes.

3) You can learn it as you experience it, even your first time. That's bad for medical doctors because you get to use quantum reflex analysis for life, at no charge. What M.D. is going to want to teach you such useful and powerful freebies? Money is why only a few thousand M.D.'s speak well of Q.R.A.

These three catches are just that: Issues that interfere with their promulgation.

Your job is to learn more, so you can live more, by making better decisions. You cannot learn less about a subject, and Q.R.A. is a tool you get to make use of for as long as you live. Plus, you get to share quantum reflex analysis with any individual or group of people that you care to share your knowledge of Q.R.A. with.

Q.R.A. is simple, it is learned about as quickly as you wish, and, at the top of bottom of any page defining quantum reflex analysis must be the reminder that it consistently proves to be more accurate than all the dozens of physicians who have attended my own dozen life-threatening transports to emergency rooms.

No less than ninety-eight or ninety-nine percent of all humans who experience Q.R.A. with anyone who is well-trained are not anything less than astonished. Quantum reflex analysis is one of the ten great eye-openers of your lifetime. You will quickly see that Q.R.A. reaches higher than any other health technology man has conceived or perceived. Can you imagine?"... higher than any other health technology man has conceived or perceived."   The oldest and the newest combine to make the best.

Learning more has a habit of leading to living more,
because the more we learn, the better our decisions tend to be.
If you struggle with a health issue, Q.R.A. is an excellent tool for rapid recovery.

Quantum Reflex Analysis Is A Whole New Health Paradigm

Q.R.A. delivers an entirely new paradigm of self-health and self-help in the pursuit of active longevity.

Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, is, arguably, the greatest quantum reflex analysis practitioner in the world.
His skill far outstrips even that of its innovator, Dr. Bob Marshall, because Dr. Cohen has technologized q.r.a.
If you wish to learn more about q.r.a., and how quantum reflex analysis works perfectly for you, too, call.
Make an appointment for a Bodyscan, Dr. Cohen is happy to teach YOU quantum reflex analysis.
One of the three or four greatest features of quantum reflex analysis is that you learn it for life.
That's right: learn once, and use it thousands and thousands of times to help you and yours.
Learn the power of Q.R.A. so that"Quantum Reflex Analysis" is more than just a phrase.

This is the medicine of the 21st century: Quantum Reflex Analysis - the most accurate of all!

aiming to be YOUR Q.R.A. - Quantum Reflex Analysis Capital.

How does Quantum Reflex Analysis work?

Anyone well-trained in Q.R.A. uses your own body's feedback mechanism to identify the precise location of toxins clogging up the site of previous or current injury or trauma. These toxins impede the body's own powerful healing systems. The body never forgets an injury or trauma, just as wrinkled aluminum foil does not have a habit of going back to perfect.

Healing any injury or trauma leaves metabolites (waste products) behind. There are no known exceptions. Those leftover waste products are indisputably toxic. With each week, month, and year, their effect, subclinical until the day you notice a problem, continues to grow until it becomes clinical, becomes observable, becomes something you are ready to fix.

It is good and it is helpful that nearly all human health challenges you are likely to complain of are instantly or near-instantly locatable as an interference. You can nail the exact spot, and which organ or gland is being affected, and you see instant proof.

You can identify specific organs and systems within any human or even animal body that are functioning at less than optimal frequencies. Feedback mechanism is efficient.

Once we determine where your body is stressed and energy-compromised, we can offer solutions that can detoxify, nourish and support your body on many levels. First and foremost is using a mudpack. The ancients used them thousands of years ago, and most people, even in severe distress, tend to report large or absolute improvements in as little as five or thirty or a couple of hundred minutes. Mudpacking still works, even after thousands of years, rapidly, safely, even pleasurably sucking out metabolite toxins.

Quantum Reflex Analysis

More Quantum Reflex Analysis Hotlinks and Practitioners

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Q.R.A. delivers an entirely new paradigm of self-health and self-help in the pursuit of active longevity.

Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, is, arguably, the greatest quantum reflex analysis practitioner in the world.

aiming to be YOUR Q.R.A. - Quantum Reflex Analysis Capital.

Another MisterShortcut creation for the Psychology of Shortcuts and the Psychology of Longevity.

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You do not"NEED" that five-dollar cup of coffee, now or ever.
That dollar doughnut MAY have cost one full penny to make,
ONE SINGLE PENNY, yet you pay one hundred times that.
As well, the doughnut has"high fructose corn syrup,"
although there is, in fact, no such thing as"corn syrup."
If you do not believe this, attach 100 taps to any ear of corn.
Not one of those hundred syrup taps will produce one drop of syrup.
That's because there IS no such thing as corn syrup; it is manufactured.
It cancels hydrochloric acid in the stomach, erasing all nutrition from your food.
Many times more powerful AND MORE TOXIC than sugar, fructose is a serious problem.
Did you know this? When you drink soda or anything containing fructose corn syrup or sugar,
your body is not capable of drawing nutrition from your food, no matter how healthy it might be?
Investing your money is so much smarter than spending it, because each dollar will become a hundred.
THEN will you be in a position to consume or share more, or further invest, as and when you see fit to do so.

Some of the tiniest dietary decisions can have enormous impact on the quantity and quality of your longevity.
When you are not utterly certain of a path, simply find many others who have successfully traversed it before.
Who does it best knows the best. Quantum Reflex Analysis is one example of countless examples in humanity.
By knowing what you test weak and strong for, which you determine with simple, one-second bidigital tests,
you are empowered to make the tweaks and adjustments that represent differences between tired and not.
Trim 30 to 60 seconds from every petty conversation you have, so you can use that time more profitably.

The Quantum Reflex Analysis Method And Range

This method often uncovers underlying components in serious conditions and, once these are addressed, allows the body to return to health. Across the country, Q.R.A. practitioners have amazing testimonies and we are grateful that we can offer this technique to you.

Now more than ever, it is possible to release your body's own internal, powerful, God-given ability to speed up healing, renewal and regeneration. Practitioners trained in Q.R.A. use this technique to define and eliminate stressors that have depressed your body's healing systems that were created to bring you endurance, vitality and longevity.

What Does Quantum Reflex Analysis Proffer?

Q.R.A. offers:

1. A comprehensive health-care approach

2. Immediate response assessments

3. Integration of practices including Oriental Medicine, Herbology, Applied Kinesiology, Biochemical Clinical Nutrition, and Homeopathy, and ancient detoxification therapies

4. A technique to locate the body's weaknesses

5. A way to determine nutritional formulas that support your body

6. Understanding of techniques that can systematically clear and rebuild your body's integrity

Note: Q.R.A. does not reveal disease and an appointment doesn't lead to a diagnosis. While the technique can reveal some current conditions and stress affecting body systems, it is most useful for prevention and long-term health.

What can I learn from it?

What if there was a way your body could quickly repair a damaged organ or rejuvenate itself at an accelerated rate? What if you could regain peak mental and physical performance in spite of having been chronically ill and fatigued for years? Today, many scientists believe the secrets of regeneration and healing lie not within costly medical drugs or expensive medical treatments, but within the body's own Biofield.

Q.R.A. can be used to clearly identify:

" areas of weakness within the body

" how your body responds to supplements

" how your body responds to foods

" what your body is weakened by (allergies, toxins, etc)

Outside The Envelope
"A thimble full of nutrients can do the work that previously, a wheelbarrow full could not."     -- Dr. Robert Marshall

Note: With Q.R.A., we don't need to know a medical term to determine which areas of the body are weak. We can identify these areas through medically accepted points on the body and use these same points to determine which nutrients would restore balance. The word"analysis" accurately describes a Q.R.A. session.

Why would an organ or gland test weak?

A body's organ or gland could test weak for a variety of reasons:

Interference fields caused by previous physical trauma (including scars, previous accidents, falls, puncture wounds)

If your vagus nerve is malfunctioning.

If you have any dental infections that often reflexes to a particular gland or organ

If there is a burden of stress in your body caused by or exacerbated by: unfriendly bacteria, environmental toxins, heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies, parasites, or viruses, for example. Each of these, let alone more than one in concert, can create a toxicity caused by the burden of stress that your body is not successfully overcoming.

When you consider what our minds and bodies are persistently exposed to with respect to stress and toxins, it is easier to grasp why superior nutrition becomes a critical choice in promoting longevity. Any consideration of longevity must include quality of time lived with as much priority as the quantity of time lived.

Expert QRA Practitioners Start With Dr David Cohen
"Help yourself... to heal yourself."

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Quantum Reflex Analysis Hotlinks and How To Find Q.R.A. Practitioners

How Is Quantum Reflex Analysis Different From Muscle Testing?

Q.R.A. is to muscle testing what a Rolls Royce is to a lawn mower.

Q.R.A. is based on the Omura Bi-digital O-Ring Muscle Reflex Test, a university-proven muscle testing technique of medically accepted reflex points. This form of muscle testing is simple to demonstrate and even to teach, yet it's been proven in dozens of research studies to be both reliably accurate and accurately reliable, two features not commonly found in other protocols.

How Long Has Quantum Reflex Analysis Been In Use?

Q.R.A. is the result of more than 30 years of intense research and development by Dr. Bob Marshall. The founder of Premier Research Labs, Dr. Marshall is a certified and internationally trained clinical nutritionist and he has a PhD in biochemistry. He is past president of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and the host of HealthLine, a radio infomercial program running since 1986. Dr. Marshall is also the author of research papers and articles.

Marshall also spends time writing, and teaching seminars to professionals and also to real people (bit of teasing there).

Along with Dr. Marshall, a growing number of pioneering scientists, some of them Nobel Laureates, have been diligently mapping the body's Biofield patterns associated with healing and regeneration. From the early 1990's, this work has progressed to a point where effective solutions are now even more commonly and conveniently available.

Get to the Real Root of the Problem With Quantum Reflex Analysis

Q.R.A. stands head and shoulders above other therapies in its ability to identify and eliminate the"root of the root" cause of illness - whether acute or chronic.

Interference Fields

Interference Fields (IFs) are a direct result of trauma or even mild injuries. Any and every site of healing has metabolites left over from the healing process. These metabolites identifiably and indisputably interfere with the proper flow of electrical energy through the site. Like aluminum foil that, once wrinkled, does not return to"new" just because you roll out the major wrinkles, every injury site, even from the force of a deployed air-bag, is materially affected.

Because this relentlessly disrupts the energetic field of the body, even in silence, getting worse at the subclinical level with every passing day right up to the day when it becomes clinical (observable and/or measurable), the advanced Q.R.A. practitioner teaches you how to eliminate them as quickly as possible, using simple, relatively inexpensive resources.

If these IFs are overlooked, clinical results can be severely limited, and that's putting it very politely. To erase these IFs, timeless therapeutic techniques are used to restore normal nerve and energy flow. It is as simple as using mudpacks to pull out the toxins that accumulate at the site of every interference field. This also helps to restore quantum coherence to the body's biofield, enhancing recovery and literally multiplying the bioavaibility and/or end result, end effect, of every nutritive substance you swallow. Dr. Marshall meant it very literally in stating that a thimbleful of nutrition has more profound benefit than a wheelbarrow filled with nutrients can provide without remediating the interference field.

Dr David Cohen - Brooklyn New York Naturopath
"Help yourself... to heal yourself."

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Learn more about Quantum Reflex Analysis and finding Q.R.A. Practitioners near you

Qci.Me       QRA.Me

Quantum Reflex Analysis and Emotional Repolarization

Using the technology of the Emotional Re-polarization Technique (ERT), the Q.R.A. practitioner can identify and reset negative thought patterns that are impeding the client's healing and recovery. This easy-to-use technique can be key in reaching recovery.

EMF Stress

Another critical healing component offered with advanced trained Q.R.A. practitioners is remediating Electromagnetic Fields or EMFs. The effects of EMF pollution may be more destructive than even the chemical pollution of our air, water and food. This form of stress, often found both inside and outside the home, can be a critically overlooked factor in keeping the chronically ill patient from recovery. Examples of EMF stress that can block healing include: Electrical currents, cell phones, cell phone towers, wi-fi, computer and laptop use, and more.

The advanced Q.R.A. practitioner has been trained in using advanced technologies to build quantum-state energetics. In this way, a healthier environment can be created inside and outside any home or office - even those that are badly depolarized. These techniques have been used through the centuries to improve the energetics of your living space -- key foundations in creating continued prosperity, success, and premier health.

There is more than enough evidence for the Psychology of Longevity to specifically state that the Quantum Reflex Analysis system is more fully proven than any medical device or approach in existence today. Again, no need to believe the Psychology of Longevity or accept the assurances of the Psychology of Longevity : EVERY WORD IS RAPIDLY PROVABLE. Q.R.A. is safe, time-tested, and comprehensively proven, helping even the most resistant cases where other techniques, treatments, and practitioners have failed to provide adequate help or relief. Q.R.A. is hovering right up near the one-hundred-percent mark, and that in itself makes it a staggering rarity.

Quantum Reflex Analysis has been an asset to Dr. Cohen, one of the country's most highly-trained and experienced naturopathic doctors. Through this technique, you are able to see and feel your responses, and as a result, you know areas within your body that are weaker or stronger. You are also able to see how your body responds to superior nutrition and other life-strengthening supplements and determine if these might help you with situation.

Dr David Cohen - Brooklyn New York Naturopath
"Help yourself... to heal yourself."

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Learn more about Quantum Reflex Analysis and finding Q.R.A. Practitioners near you

Qci.Me       QRA.Me       QRA.name
Quantum-Reflex-Analysis.com       QuantumReflexAnalysis.com
Quantum-Reflex-Analysis.info       QuantumReflexAnalysis.info       beam.to/Quantum Reflex Analysis - Title says it best, so beam yourself over to this beam.to reflex page

What do other practitioners and patients say about Q.R.A.?

Across the United States, thousands of people are finding relief from their symptoms with the Q.R.A. process and Dr. Marshall's premier products. Here are some quotes by other Q.R.A. practitioners:

"Q.R.A. delivers a whole new health paradigm which dramatically raised my own level of health as well as made it possible for me to successfully treat cases I could never help before." -- Beth Shirley, Registered Pharmacist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist

"These techniques have profoundly amplified the scope of clinical response, accelerating results, deepening effects, and have worked consistently well. It would be called magic if it were not explained by quantum physics." -- Stuart White, Chiropractor and Certified Clinical Nutritionist

"I am writing to tell you how happy I am using Premier products. I get results with my patients two to three times faster than before." -- Janice M. Piro, Chiropractor

"Dr. Marshall has put together the most comprehensive and helpful paradigm for clearing chronic and acute illness." -- Laura Marshall, CA

"Dr. Cohen has saved virtually everyone in my family from fates worse than death: unnecessary suffering from things that responded naturally." - Fagie Mendolsohn, NY

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Q.R.A. delivers an entirely new paradigm of self-health and self-help in the pursuit of active longevity.

Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, is, arguably, the greatest quantum reflex analysis practitioner in the world.
His skill far outstrips even that of its innovator, Dr. Bob Marshall, because Dr. Cohen has technologized q.r.a.
If you seek to find out all about q.r.a., and how quantum reflex analysis works well for us all, call.
Book an appointment for Ondamed, and Dr. Cohen is happy to teach YOU quantum reflex analysis.
One of the most attractive, usefulfeatures of quantum reflex analysis is that it's learned for life.
That's right: learn once, and use it thousands and thousands of times to help you and yours.
Learn the power of Q.R.A. so that"Quantum Reflex Analysis" is more than just a phrase.

This is the medicine of the 21st century: Quantum Reflex Analysis - the most accurate of all!

aiming to be YOUR Q.R.A. - Quantum Reflex Analysis Capital.

Psychology of Longevity Quantum Reflex Analysis Links

QRA.me - Appropriately among the shortest URLs since QRA is short & sweet
ated in the U.S. by Dr. Robert "Bob" Marshall
Q-R-A.com - Psychology of Longevity SweetDomain, Sharing Q-R-A across the world
Learn more about Q-R-A with Dr. David Cohen at the Psychology of Longevity.
QRA.name - Learning more tends to living more, including QRA at the Psychology of Longevity
We cannot learn less about anything. From Austin, Texas, and Dallas, Dr. Marshall has changed the world.
- Since QRA was promulgated from Austin, the Psychology of Longevity pays homage to Austin
- Dr. Marshall has trained hundreds of QRA practitioners, so, we now see QRA experts across the nation
- Expand the world's knowledge of QRA by becoming QRA practitioners yourself! Go to Texas and learn
- From Austin & Dallas & Houston, Texas, to Brooklyn, NY, find and consult YOUR expert QRA practitioners

Layers of the Psychology of Longevity - including quantum reflex analysis

Acknowledging the implicit humor in people or organizations registering many domains, building so many websites dedicated to Quantum Reflex Analysis,
the Psychology of Longevity is one of many tools available to you to try and cut through the theft, deception, and lethality of today's"modern" medicine.
Truth is more precious than you prove to recognize, considering how many advertised items you buy, enriching only a surprisingly few rich people.
What is referred to as"modern medicine" is anything but, more appropriately referred to as"modern distribution of criminally-priced toxins."
The precious commodity of truth is close to perfect with most trained QRA practitioners: quantum reflex analysis always tells the truth.
Just one example of so many hundreds: If you are a diabetic, does your M.D. prescribe insulin, or teach you how to eat correctly?
Are you truthfully told that approximately 100 of 100 diabetics can naturally erase their diabetes, or are you sold on insulin?
Insulin is a nasty substance that you are, according to M.D.'s, stuck with for life, which yet another modern medical lie.
Change your diet to eliminate diabetes. That is a one hundred percent fact for one hundred percent of all diabetics.
Anyone telling you otherwise either does not know, which is called"ignorance," or else they have cause to say so.
The only human beings with cause to say so are those who benefit from your belief in the dangerous waste of insulin.
Aside from chromium or other supplementation, the number one rule for erasing diabetes is to give your pancreas a rest.
This is a polite way of saying that your diabetes manifested so seriously because of your stupid, and anti-nutritional decisions.
When you put artificial food in the body, it's pretty stupid, don't you think(?) to expect anything but artificial nutrition and health?
Artificial food promotes artificial health, that deceptive state where you swear that you feel fine, no problems, you're in great health.
HealthGem of the Psychology of Longevity :"Everything is subclinical until it is clinical." Alzheimer's takes 200 months to become obvious.
Rest in peace, assured that we knew without the Psychology of Longevity that everything is subclinical until it becomes clinically observerable.
90 of 100 people die unnaturally in this country, versus 5 just a century ago. If you are 10 pounds overweight, 25 more pounds are inside and unseen.
Above all, nothing can happen in your body without changes in your electrical biofield. Every injury leaves metabolites, interfering with your electricity.
That's why you need to find at least one or two qualified QRA practitioners near you, or learn QRA testing for a QRA appointment. QRA is the game-changer.
Those who repeatedly show best prove to know best. The Psychology of Longevity urges you to find or become, yourself, a fully-trained QRA practitioner.

Let the Psychology of Longevity Be Heard On Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioners

The Psychology of Longevity may be be the internet's largest natural health and natural healing website,
although it is not created as a dictionary, reference book, or other linear publication, for a slew of reasons.
No one can heal or cure you, not that the Psychology of Longevity can replicate. You can heal yourself.
Designed to help you live stronger for longer, naturally, The Psychology of Longevity is all about you.
As for the Psychology of Shortcuts, self-empowering, self-exciting websites of EyeCandy & more,
where you are encouraged to read between EyeCandy to find many of your best secret shortcuts.
it has been built for you by Mister-Shortcut, the Godfather of EyeCandy, for you to succeed faster,
to help you help yourself live stronger longer, with the best and greatest shortcuts of role models,
the same health shortcuts used by people you may already know, advanced in years and youthful,
Learn more so you can teach yourself to live more.   You'll certainly benefit from the shortcuts,
the putative power secrets, and what's behind EyeCandy at the Psychology of Longevity
The motivation behind needing to help you is that you will be able to help the helpless.
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It matters not if you understand this fully right now, as long as you get benefit.
Each time you help the helpless, you will better understand these motivations.
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nor provide such a profound, even physical sense of well-being as this,
Newton's 3rd law of physics repays your helping more of the helpless.
The more you give, the more you live. Think of it as a math function.
Quantum Reflex Analysis is nothing less than a billion-dollar gift.
As soon as you see how to use BDORT or even QRA to test,
and you get that you can now test everything near you,
you will understand this to be a real billion-dollar gift.
Go ahead, learn to use QRA to save your own life.
Q.R.A. practitioners practice in most US states.
With love from
warmest regards from Mister-Shortcut

Shapetalk Explicative
Psychology of Longevity Shapetalking HealthGems

These Shapetalking HealthGems of the Psychology of Longevity are brought to you by the Psychology of Shortcuts.
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The Psychology of Shortcuts is pleased to present you with master secrets of the universe.
Ask more people more times each and you will gather more than most everyone else.

Psychology of Longevity With The Indisputable, Utterly-Proven Secrets Of YOUR Longevity

From with thousands of eternal thanks to Professor Fritz-Popp, Dr. Robert"Bob" Marshall, and Dr. Linda Forbes:
If you only have about 20,000 emergency doses of HCL-producing capacity to disinfect cooked food, then 20,000 meals nears the healthy limit.
Eating cooked meals without full capacity to disinfect means the liver does not function, such as making gallbladder yield bile to break fats.
Your belief that you will stay young is not enough. Water, air-dried sea salt, unheated oil, fiber, and good bacteria are your secret answers.

Psychology of Shortcuts Shares The Simple Master Secrets Of The Universe

From the Psychology of Shortcuts, thanking the masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires who show how:
Asking more people more times each is the single most powerful shortcut and master secret of your universe.

QRA Poetic Thought And Reminder
Psychology of Longevity Secrets Of The Universe

Maybe a bit silly, and still, the Psychology of Longevity believes QRA is doubly good enough to merit a double domain
Homage to Texas, in view of Dr.'s Marshall and Forbes developing QRA in the great and still-expanding Republic of Texas

- The Psychology of Longevity urges YOU to learn about Quantum Reflex Analysis, based initially on Dr. Omura's bidigital BDORT.
QuantumReflexanalysis.com - Juiciest information! This is the first Quantum Reflex Analysis presented to you from the Psychology of Longevity
QuantumReflexanalysis.info - You can hardly have too much information on tools like QRA that help to change the world for the better.
- Another in-depth look at Quantum Reflex Analysis, and how QRA is used by QRA practitioners.
Heed the geniuses - EVERYONE one earth needs to know quantum reflex analysis.



From Austin and Dallas then again from Austin to Dallas,
Quantum Reflex Analysis is as funny as old Charlie Callas.
Austin, thence Dallas, repeating Dallas on back to Austin,
the Psychology of Longevity recognizes letter and spirit,
whereby the search engine protocols are respected.
Following the rules characterstically outperforms,
such as quantum reflex analysis, or QRA, solo.
QRA also happens to enjoy fractional costing.
So, your doctor, the one that bleeds us dry,
will simply be left, by QRA, high and dry.
Nothing is as true, nothing that's proved,
your heart, your soul, and your mind will be moved.
QRA is the game-changer you always dreamed of knowing.
QRA is the game-changer that lets YOU test everything near you.
No kidding, now, you can even use QRA to test what is far from you.
Learn & do QRA testing on everything. Know what is strong and weak.
To reward you now for getting here, another master secret of the universe:
No need to accept assurances of your strictly-reliable Psychology of Longevity :
Go to google earth, and zoom in on the homes of any of the richest people on earth.
Point just your first two fingertips directly at the top of the homes, and do a BDORT test.

Have someone pull your fingers apart BEFORE to see how much gentle strength it takes to do so.
Then, while you are pointing your two fingers directly at the top of the house, have them BDORT you.
Now, google and zoom in on a nasty apartment house in the most crime-ridden neighborhood, and test.

QRA does not lie, we can only fail to use QRA properly, such as forgetting to QCI yourself before testing.
For many people, especially anyone not encoded, the vastu test works most every time, even without QCI!

Unlike your doctor, the Psychology of Longevity does not want your money. QRA is worth more than money.
QRA promises to change the rest of your life when you do nothing more but understand how it (vastu) works.
Combining vastu with QRA provides you with the most powerful tools you are likely to encounter in this life.
Stop pretending to know about the subjects you have neither great knowledge, nor much experience of.
QRA is the game-changer you have waited all your life for, empowering you to test EVERYTHING.
Sweeter still, as with all that the Psychology of Longevity promulgates, no need to believe:
Learn even the simplest form of quantum reflex analysis, basic QRA testing, see it work.
Less talking, more doing, you will join the powerful elite, who use their best tools.